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24-25 March

Symposium Program

All times EDT

Day 1

10:00 Introduction and Introductory Keynote – Robert Rydell

Further Reflections on World’s Fair Scholarship


11:00 Keynote Sudesh Mantillake

Navigating Strange Spaces: Sri Lankan Performers in Colonial Exhibitions 

12:00 Session 1A: Expositions as Geopolitical Spaces 

Session chair: James Fortuna (University of St Andrews)

Charlotte Rottiers (KU Leuven) – “From the Rue des Nations to the Rue des Legations: The pavilion and the diplomatic building as instruments in the Belgian Foreign Policy (1880’s-1914)”


Emily Gunzburger Makas (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) – “Bosnia-Hercegovina at Paris 1900: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Pan-Slavism”


Constanza A. Robles Sepúlveda (Boston University) – “Visualizing Alliances through Art and Architecture: The Pan American Exposition in Buffalo (1901)”


Larisa Mantovani (Centro de Investigaciones en Arte y Patrimonio (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas - Universidad Nacional de San Martín)) – “Artistic industries and yerba mate: the Argentine pavilion at the Paris Exposition of 1937”

14:00 Session 1B: Expositions and Empire

Session chair: Van Troi Tran (Université Laval)

Emma Laube (The Ohio State University) – “The 1937 Paris Expo: Was China There? Publishers, Governments, and Visual Culture on the Global Stage”


Peter Clericuzio (Edinburgh) – “A Synecdoche of Empire: International Expositions and the Great Mosque of Djenné”
Rikke Lie Halberg (Lund University) – “The Danish West Indies at the 'World Expo' in Copenhagen 1888 and Beyond”

15:30 Session 1C: Expositions and Environment

Session chair: Guido Cimadomo (University of Málaga)


Rafael Ortiz Martínez de Carnero (University of Seville) – “European International Expositions in the last decade of the Twentieth Century: The transition from classic Expo models to a new ecological and sustainable sensitivity”
Guido Cimadomo (Universidad de Málaga), Renzo Lecardane (Università di Palermo) – Prolonging the Magic: From Ephemerality to Translatability”

Deanna L. Nord (Nord Strategy Group) "From Utopian Vision to a Legacy of Action:  How a World’s Fair Can Accelerate Health Equity and Sustainability"

17:00 Keynote Sarah Moore

Classical Temple of Unhewn Logs: World’s Fair in the Wilderness 1909

18:00 ISIE Roundtable

Join us in helping to shape the future directions of ISIE and exposition scholarship

19:00 Thematic Breakout Rooms

Connect with colleagues with similar Expo interests.

Day 2

10:00 Keynote Van Troi Tran

Passports, pins, plushies and peddlers: the material life of the Shanghai World Expo   


11:00 Session 2A: Expositions and Material Culture

Session chair: Sarah Moore  (University of Arizona)

Christina Hellmich (de Young Museum) – “The 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition and San Francisco”
Sara Albuquerque and  Angela Salgueiro (University of Evora) – “Glimpses of the colonial collections at the 1862 London Exhibition: The case of the Angolan ‘Objects’ at the Portuguese section”
Avigail Moss (University of Southern California) – “Valued Risks: Insuring Fine and Applied Art at International Exhibitions”

13:00 Session 2B: Re-evaluating the Exposition City 

Session chair: Lisa Schrenk (University of Arizona)

David Roberts (University of Newcastle) – “Spaceframes: population and allegory in Expo ’70 Osaka”

Sofia Quiroga Fernandez (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University [XJTLU]) – “The EAT Research centre collaboration in the 1970 Osaka World Exhibition”

Stefania Portinari (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) – “Mapping the Unpredictable: An Atlas of Expanded Geographies. Pavilions of Power and Imagination at the Venice Biennale”

15:00 Session 2C: Open Session

Session chair: Laura Hollengreen (University of Arizona)

Alice Nogueira Alves (Universidade de Lisboa) – “The Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878/79 seen by the Portuguese writer Ramalho Ortigão”

Jyoti Mohan (University of Maryland) – “Reversing the Gaze: Indians at Chicago’s Columbian Exposition”
Bobby Schweizer, Rebecca Rouse (Texas Tech University) – “Amusement Identities on the Midway, Pike, Gayway and Beyond”

Martina Motta (Politecnico di Torino) – "The aquarium and the city"

17:00 Closing Keynote: Mark Ritchie

Bringing the World Expo Movement Back to America

18:00 Closing Remarks / Social  Breakout Rooms

*Tentative schedule, subject to change.

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